Veneer Design Simulation In Korea | Amy’s Real-time Smile Design

Amy is an Entertainer from Canada who underwent the veneer design simulation at the Oaks Dental Clinic with Dr. Chulmin Bae. Dr. Bae is a well-known Korean dentist in Seoul and has even been featured on . Using this veneer design simulation gives you full control of your smile and the Oaks Dental Clinic is one of the few dental clinics in the world that provides this incredible service.

After filling out a form and having an initial consultation with a Seoul Guide Medical staff member you’ll head to an x-ray room filled with the most advanced dental x-rays in the world. With electronic images sent electronically to a monitor by your chair, Dr. Chulmin Bae will go over the basic information with you and examine your mouth to see which veneers you qualify for.

Prepped Veneers: Required for most people and require teeth to be shaved down in order to fir them properly.

Non-Prepped Veneers: Meant for people with large gaps and undersized teeth with minimal or no tooth reduction.

We recommend porcelain veneers for the best long term results. Oaks Dental Clinic can make veneers in as little as one day. Using their innovative full veneer computer simulation, you too can enjoy the perfect smile that you deserve with no surprises!

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