Regular Cleaning & Deep Cleaning

Regular Cleaning & Deep Cleaning

Dental Cleaning

Even though you thoroughly brush your teeth several times a day, there are areas in your mouth that you cannot reach and keep clean. 

Do not go through any unnecessary pain through regular cleaning (for prevention). If you already are in pain, don't worry; we can treat your periodontitis through deep cleaning. We have all the advanced technology we need to give you the best. 

Get your teeth and gums professionally cleaned, and get rid of all the ‘dirt’ that you cannot remove by daily brushing!


Regular Cleaning

 Regular cleaning is a cleaning procedure recommended to be done every 3-6 monthsIt removes build-up, plaque, and tartar on your teethIt also polishes your teeth, leaving them clean to the touch. This procedure is strongly recommended because it prevents periodontal infections or inflammations and keeps your dental and periodontal health in its best state.

Deep cleaning

 Deep cleaning (periodontal cleaning) is necessary when the gum is infected and is in need of treatment. This treatment involves two procedures. First, the doctor will clean remove all plaque on your teeth and reach slightly into the gum, cleaning the inside of the gum and the base of the teeth (scaling process). Then, your roots will be treated so that your gums will return to its regular position as it gradually heals (root cleaning process).

Treatment Process

Regular Cleaning & Deep Cleaning

(left image) The Air Polishing Equipment is used to clean the surface of the infected area before the diagnosis.

‍(right image) The Ultrasonic Scaler is used to remove all plaque and tartar through radio frequency.

Treatment Time

Regular cleaning takes a total of 20-30 minutes. The total treatment time depends on the amount of plaque and tartar on your teeth.

Deep cleaning may be done in one day, but it is usually done over a course of 2 to 4 sessions. Typically, one arch (upper or lower teeth) is treated per session and takes more or less than an hour. This also depends on the severity of your infection or inflammation.

Recovery Time

There is no recovery necessary from regular cleaning.

Deep cleaning includes the use of anesthetics on the gums. It takes around 2 hours for it to wear off. After this, you are able to return to regular activities. Your gums will heal during the few weeks after your treatment and gradually return back to its healthy state.

Before & After

Regular Cleaning & Deep Cleaning