Dental Implants Procedure

Dental Implants In Korea

Implants may seem all the same, but they are definitely not. Communication between the doctor and you is vital for an accurate comprehension of your current dental state and prediction of changes after implantation.

The Oaks chooses the implant that personally and perfectly matches your needs.

Choosing the Right Implant

Every implant manufacturer advertises that their implants are the best, but there is no implant that overrules all; the varying surface treatment, technique, and design all become “the best” when it best fits you.

Implants are good dental material to replace your natural teeth, but it is not the best solution for every patient. Your economic situation and period of use are taken into consideration. Rather than choosing the most expensive material, we choose to minimize the surgical process as much as possible while bringing out the best results.

Implant Process

There are three parts to an implant – implant (post), abutment, and crown


Types of Implants (Posts)


Straumann Implant

The Straumann Implant is used in more than 70 countries worldwide, and is the most trusted brand. It is the first to make SLA surface treatments, which help reduce the overall healing process from 6-8 weeks to 3-4 weeks.

It proves high stability and synostotic through the use of a hydrophilic surface. It also uses a perfect sterilization system that sterilizes the implants by 99.99%. Through over 50 years of clinical experience, experiments and know-how, they created and use an exquisite technique that makes a 98.8% success rate of 10-year survival of implants, and 97% rate of successful treatment.


Osstem Implant

The Osstem Implant is created with excellent biomaterialsOutstanding scientific design techniques and synostotic surface techniques have been used in the process of its creation, resulting in an implant brilliant in all aspects.

It has been tested several times throughout the process, not only material-wise but also in clinical aspects. Its quality has been certified by the FDA, EU, CE and many more. Osstem is the #1 Korean brand.

The type of implant is recommended according to your situation. 

For example, in cases where your bottom front teeth or the surviving jawbone’s width is narrow, we use implants that are created smaller in diameter and with strong material.

For those who get cavities or gum diseases frequently(unhealthy dental state overall), we use a special surface treatment that is stronger in synostosis than the regular implants. This process will be explained and discussed in detail with the doctor during your visit.

Abutments and Crowns

Abutments are attached to the posts, before the crown (artificial tooth) is attached. This creates the sturdy base for the crown to strongly latch onto. They are made of titanium, the best lightweight material that offers durability, strength, and biocompatibility.

Crowns are attached to the titanium abutments as the final step. The crown is the final look to your new implant. For information on Crowns, please click here.


Bridges are a special type of restorations that you can choose over implants. They are a great alternative for those who have cavities on adjacent teeth and do not wish to receive implants for any personal reason. For more information on bridges, click here.

Overall Process


Consultation and Implant Selection

We make a treatment plan according to the state of your jawbone and current condition.‍

We choose the product fit for your dental state.‍

We install the implant in the exact location of your jawbone.


Completion of Implant that Fits My Gums

We wait 2-3 months for the lower jawbone, and 3-6 months for the upper jawbone for it to heal properly (the length of this process also depends on the material of the implant).‍

After the healing period, we install a column to create and place a tooth.‍

Once the implant is fixed on the bone, we place the artificial tooth.‍

Treatment Time, Recovery Time 

Treatment time depends on the location of your implant (upper or lower jawbone), the material of the implant used, and your dental health. In some cases, several steps can be done in one day. In other cases, it may take a few days before each step is sturdily attached in its correct location.

The total treatment time varies from days to weeks, and recovery time takes place between 3-6 months. Please refer back to Types of Implants and Overall Process for more information.

Before and After


Before Installation of Implants


After Installation of Implants and Restorations

For front teeth:


You may require a bone graft prior to receiving implants in cases in which you lack the necessary amount of bone in the necessary area. For more information about bone grafts, click here.


After Installation of Implants and Restorations