Invisalign For Spanish Vlogger JEKS Coreana

Invisalign For Spanish Vlogger JEKS Coreana

In this Blog, we are looking at the recent procedures for Eun Jae of JEKS Coreana, who produces quality educational videos of life in South Korea, for Spanish speakers.  Whenever she has needs for skin care, dental or health care she comes to Tony Medina.  Tony is the CEO of the Seoul Guide Medical, which is the leading provider of medical services to international patients in Korea.  She came to Oaks Dental Clinic, which helps international patients with a variety of dental needs.  Tony accompanied her, as he is a bit of an expert, having undergone the treatment to move a crooked tooth.

Eun Jae had some problems with her teeth, and she did not want to get metal braces.  She was hoping that the Invisalign procedure could help her get the results she was looking for without having to get traditional braces.  The new metal alternative has been around for several years and is useful for a variety of problems, such as overbite and under bite.

After she checked into the clinic and completed paperwork, her face was scanned into the highly advanced computer system at Oaks Dental Clinic.  Dr. Bae and his staff were able to review the photos and simulate every stage of the treatment.

The Invisalign system is a safe and effective way to deal with misaligned teeth, that allows doctors to move multiple teeth, like metal braces.  Because the Invisalign fittings are clear (Hence the name), they are difficult to notice and barely noticeable while in the mouth.  Unlike traditional braces, they can be removed and are not painful.  The doctors were able to design her clear braces which will take several months to fully work.  The clear braces, take around a week to make and need to be worn for 15 hours a day at least, but more is suggested.  They need to be replaced every 1 to 2 weeks depending on the stage of the treatment.

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