Bone Graft

There are cases in which patients do not have enough bone in their jawline to support implants, bridges, or any other necessary treatments. In these cases, bone grafts are given to patients prior to the necessary dental treatment.

After a bone graft, your bone will gain enough strength to endure and receive the dental treatment planned according to your needs.

The Oaks Dental Clinic provides the best treatment with the best skills and technology available. Through this treatment, you will be able to build a strong base for the healthy smile you will soon be getting.

Types of Treatment

Bone Graft

Full Bone Grafts

  • for those whose bone in the necessary area has deteriorated or a larger area of bone is missing, requiring a greater area of bone grafting to be covered.
Bone Graft

Partial Bone Grafts

for those who do not need a great amount of additional bone structure. The empty space within the bone is filled with artificial bone graft.

Bone Graft Procedure

The procedure for bone grafts will be as follows:

We have a wide range of possible treatments, from simple fillings to crowns and bridges. 

The type of treatment is recommended and chosen according to your needs.

Step 1: The tooth will be removed.

Step 2: The area around the root of the tooth will be empty.

Step 3: This area will be filled with artificial bone and the membrane will be fixed.

Step 4 & 5: Finally, the treated area will be covered until the bone is strong enough for an implant.

Bone Graft

Bone Graft Post-Treatment Procedure

Patients will be receiving implants or bridges or any other essential treatment after bone grafting. This may happen on the same day for cases in which the patient’s bone density is in good shape.

If the patient’s bone density is not in good shape, the doctor will inform you on when it is appropriate for you to return for further treatment (in order to give your bone time to adjust). In such cases, it regularly takes around a month before the next treatment is done.

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Bone Graft