(Post-Root Canal Treatment)

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Apicoectomy is a procedure not commonly done by doctors. It requires that much more knowledge and skill to successfully carry out this intrusive procedure.

Doctor Bae, with his long years of studying and experience, has what it takes to get you through this procedure safe and sound. To see his profile, click here.

Cases in Which Apicoectomy is Necessary

An apicoectomy is a procedure done:

When your root canal treatment is infected or inflamed (usually at the root and tissue around the root)

It is difficult to go through with the root canal treatment once again (for information on root canal treatment, click here).

(In cases where the upper section of your tooth with is treated a restoration (crown or filling) or have a bridge, it is not recommended to receive another root canal due to the process. With the root canal treatment, we would have to penetrate through your restoration or bridge, which may no longer function properly.)

Apicoectomy Treatment Process

Apicoectomy (Post-Root Canal Treatment)
  1. A small incision in your gum made to directly reach the infected or inflamed tissue and the tip of the root
  2. Inflamed tissue, along with the tip of the root, is safely removed
  3. Removed root tip replaced with filling; Gum stitched back into place (The tissue and root gradually heal back into a healthy state)

Treatment Time, Recovery Time, & Precautions

There are cases in which apicoectomy cannot be done (for example, severe damage to the tooth). The type of treatment will be further discussed with the doctor during your consultation.

Apicoectomy (Post-Root Canal Treatment)