Endodontic Treatment / Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

Taking care of the roots of your teeth is important for your dental health. They can be infected or inflamed for various reasons such as decay or cracks. Whatever the reason, through endodontic treatment, cure your roots that are in need of repair, and return to spending your days eating the food you enjoy pain-free!

Treatment Process

We pass through the crown of the tooth to treat the inflamed or infected canals. The pulp, a soft tissue vital for the development of each individual tooth, no longer has a role after the tooth has fully grown. Therefore, when it is inflamed or infected, it is removed from the canals through our precise endodontic drill, while shaping and cleaning the canals simultaneously. Through our advanced technology, we choose the drill bit according to the depth and size of your canals specifically.

After endodontic treatment, crowns are placed on the treated tooth to finalize the whole process. It is to protect the tooth from any further infection or inflammation, and give you a healthy and natural look. For more information on crowns, click here.

Endodontic Treatment/Root Canal Treatment (RCT)


Calcium hydroxide is used to treat the disinfection of the canals, a method used for over a century in dentistry. Calcium hydroxide is commonly used in various methods, including cavity liners. In this case, it will be used in the first step of treating the infected canals, and then a rubber-like material called Gutta Percha, or GP cone, will be used to fill the disinfected canals, fit to match the exact shape of your roots, and sealed with a sealer to prevent any further infection in the future.

Treatment Time, Recovery Time & Precautions

Treatment Time : Around 60 minutes (length and number of sessions depend on severity of inflammation and number of infected roots)

Recovery Time : 1 Day for daily activities

Precautions : Avoid any pressure on treated tooth; Smoking is prohibited

Sometimes you will need several sessions of endodontic treatment. In this case, we will perform all the steps but you will receive a temporary filling instead of a permanent crown, so we can continue the treatment when you return for your next session.

Endodontic Treatment/Root Canal Treatment (RCT)