Rabbit Teeth Makeover – Dental Veneers & Cleaning

Rabbit Teeth Makeover – Dental Veneers & Cleaning

Treatments: Dental Veneers (Laminates) & Cleaning

Treatment Time: 1 Day

Details: This post will show you how Dr. Bae did a smile make-over for his wife. Oaks Dental Clinic is the highest rated dentist in Asia and a cosmetic dentistry expert.

Sophia is the wife of our founder and head dentist Dr. Chulmin Bae. She had always wanted to improve her smile as her front two teeth and her adjoining teeth were out of proportion. As she described it, “I have teeth like a rabbit so I’m really shy when I smile.” After seeing the success of so many patients, Sophia decided to go ahead with the treatment. She started at 10 in the morning by having her teeth cleaned, molds made and digital scans taken. As the lab technicians began processing the molds and scans, Dr. Bae began to prepare her teeth by removing some enamel. Although her adjoining teeth were undersized, she did not have enough spacing to do no-prep veneers (Lumineers). To get a perfect fit, some tooth enamel needs to be removed in this kind of case. Oaks Dental Clinic has the most advanced technology so in under 2 hours, her porcelain veneers were ready to be put in.

The veneers fit very well and before they were bonded, she had a chance to see how they would look. After giving us her approval, Dr. Bae bonded the veneers to her original tooth material and with that, she was all done. By 12:30 p.m. she was having lunch with her new smile. All our work comes with a full warranty, so you can be stress-free. A couple of days after her process, Sophia said, “I had seen patient after patient undergo this procedure with outstanding results but I was honestly scared to do it. I don’t know why I was so scared because it was quick and easy. I feel like a different person now because I can smile without hiding teeth. I feel free.”

Review of work done by the Oaks:

*4 upper teeth veneered in under 2 hours

* Higher dentist skill

* Better service

* Economies of scale leading to lower pricing

* Clinic location in Gangnam, Seoul is perfect for tourism and shopping

* Faster treatment times

* Native English speaking assistants

* In-house laboratory

* Full warranty

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See a video which explains about no-prep veneers: https://youtu.be/K6SIucE-i6A

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