Tooth Extraction

Extractions and Surgical Procedures

Tooth Extraction

Following the Natural Green Dentistry philosophy, we do everything we can to keep and make the most of your natural teeth. However, when this is not possible, we decide to extract the severely decayed tooth and move on to further treatment personalized just for you. Tooth extraction usually takes place before a necessary treatment (only when necessary).

Types of Treatments

There are generally two types of tooth extractions.

Simple extraction involves quick and easy removal of the tooth, without many complications. The tooth is loosened and removed after anesthesia, depending on its location.

Complex extraction is necessary when the tooth is located within the gum, has been damaged and therefore cracked, or has any other problematic issues.

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are recommended to be extracted for several reasons. When growing abnormally, the tooth will apply pressure onto the neighboring tooth, causing pain and cavities. Even when growing normally, it will most likely not be brushed properly due to its position at the far back of the mouth, resulting in common and unnecessary cavities.

Upper wisdom teeth are easier to extract than lower wisdom teeth. Lower wisdom teeth are troublesome due to the closely located nerve endings. It is a careful process, even requiring a dental surgical microscope in certain cases. We, having the highly advanced technology and expertise, extract upper and lower wisdom teeth accurately, without any trouble. Be sure to have your wisdom teeth extracted by the most experienced and skilled to reduce recovery time.

Tooth Extraction
Tooth Extraction