Do not worry about missing teeth anymore! 

We create dentures that blend right in and look just like your natural teeth. We care about both health and aesthetics; we provide the best for you in every aspect.

Through dentures, you will be able to comfortably involve yourself in any activity and look even better than before.


Why Dentures are Necessary

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  • Dentures allow you to eat, talk, and do any other activity just the way you used towhen you had your original teeth.

Maintaining of Overall Bone Structure

  • When you lose even one tooth, your oral structure newly adjusts to the empty space due to the new distribution of applied pressure (check the      Restorations and Replacements page for more information). Dentures, however, sustain the structure of your mouth; it supports your gums, jaw, and overall structure from changing due to the lack of teeth.

Natural, Original Look

  • Although the idea of artificial teeth may give an impression that they will seem unnatural, we create dentures that give the most natural and healthy look.

Types of Dentures

There are two types of dentures that we provide.

Full Dentures

The first is full dentures. They are necessary when you are missing all your teeth on one arch (the whole row of upper or lower teeth). They are designed to fit your gums comfortably so you can do your daily activities without any concern.

Partial Dentures

For those who are only partially missing teeth, we create partial dentures that only fill in the gaps of your missing teeth. These dentures are supported by your remaining teeth.

Remember: following our philosophy, we do everything we can to maintain your original teeth.


The doctor will first examine your dental state and go through any treatment necessary before preparing for your dentures.

When all necessary treatments are done, we will take photographs and impressions of your mouth. Then, within a week or two, we will have you revisit the clinic for your new, personalized dentures!


Before and After

The images below show you how natural our dentures are; they look just like your own gums and teeth, allowing nobody to realize that you are wearing dentures. As mentioned above, dentures not only give you a natural look but also maintain your bone structure. Make sure to visit The Oaks Dental Clinic in Seoul, Korea to get the best.


Before dentures; No teeth left


Dentures (customized for the patient)


Patient wearing dentures

Caring For Your Dentures

Dentures should be taken well care of. For the first few days, it may be recommended to keep them in during the night as well (the doctor will inform you according to your oral state). This will allow time for you to adjust to them as soon as possible. After this process, you must remove them at night in order to rest your gums and avoid any unnecessary pressure. They must be preserved in water overnight to be kept from drying. Make sure you brush them everyday for your hygiene and clean, unstained look.

More details are provided during your consultation and after your treatment.

 *When your dentures are fractured, bring them to the clinic without applying any further pressure.