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There are several reasons to the discoloration of teeth. Smoking, drinking liquids of dark color (such as cola or coffee), and simply aging add on to the darkening process. However, depending on the treatment you wish to receive, you will have natural white teeth within the day you visit. You will be walking out with the beautiful smile that you have always wanted

Types of Treatment

Cool Laser Light

Cool laser light is used to safely whiten your teeth. Previously, hot laser light has been used, but the heat made the process quite uncomfortable for the patient. Therefore cool laser light is used to comfortably and safely whiten your teeth through activating the gel that's placed on your teethThe results will last from 3 to 24 months. The lifespan relies heavily on your eating and smoking habits, so it is good to be cautious.


Home Whitening Kit

The home whitening kit is another whitening treatment that brings the same results as laser treatment, except after a longer period of time. Plastic upper and lower mouth guards are customized to your teeth. Then, after dropping a few drops of a strong whitening gel that our dentist provides (which is only provided to dentists) onto the mouth guards, the mouth guard must be worn for 4 or more hours during your sleep. This kit is also recommended as post-laser treatment care to further whiten your teeth or whiten your teeth whenever they begin to darken again. The gel will last for 10 to 14 sessions but expires after years. So you will be able to apply it only when you feel it is necessary, and save the rest for later.

Creating Your Personalized Tray


Home Whitening Process


*Teeth whitening strips or other whitening products sold from drugstores may bring you the result but the materials used do not guarantee the health of your teeth in the long run. The material we use is proven its reliability by the KFDA, along with fewer experiences of pain reported by patients during the process.


 Laser Whitening Machine

We introduce the Zoom system of America's Discus Dental that brings amazing results when it comes to teeth whitening. The procedure is carried out through the use of exclusive whitening gel and matching Advanced Power whitening light.


*Superior Whitening Ability - In one hour, you will be able to visibly see and experience an excellent whitening of your teeth.

*Prevention of Hypersensitivity- The whitening gel of ZOOM2 includes a gel named ACP, which reduces pain during and after the procedure.

*Certified Stability- It is a procedure certified by the KFDA.

Some patients report feeling pain in certain teeth, but this is very temporary. This occurs due to the process of decomposition and ejection of pigmentation in the microholes of your teeth. After a maximum of two days, you will not experience any pain or uncomfortable areas.


To see the Laser Whitening process, please watch:

To see the Laser Whitening process, please watch:

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