Crowns and Fillings

At The Oaks, cavities are treated within a day with non-harmful materials in accordance with our Natural Green Dentistry philosophy. With restorations and crowns that give you the most natural look, you will not have to worry about your appearance and could simply enjoy your newly treated, healthy teeth!

Crowns and Fillings

You Need Crowns If You…

*Have a large cavity that can't be resolved by a filling.

*Have a missing tooth and need a bridge.

*Have to cover a dental implant. (For information on implants, click here)

*Have a tooth that is cracked, worn down or otherwise weakened.

*Have undergone root canal treatment and needs a crown to protect the restored tooth.

*Have to cover a severely discolored or badly shaped tooth.


We use various materials such as resin (only for minor cavities), porcelain in-lay, porcelain on-lay, porcelain crown, zirconia crown and zirconia based porcelain covered crown.

Read the information below and see what options we have for you.

Crowns and Fillings


  • Highly discouraged due to its possibly harmful qualities; banned in several countries, contains mercury.
  • Stands out against natural teeth.
  • May cover with porcelain to naturalize look, but darkens porcelain within a year.
  • Immediate exposure of metal due to even slight gum recession (which is common among adults).


  • Highly requested due to its natural finish, most similar to original teeth.
  • Lasts for a longer period of time(12 years, compared to a year of metal material).
  • Ultimately brings you the benefits in both the short and long run.
  • More beneficial in terms of both health and aestheticsto use porcelain or zirconia.


  • Strongest, most durable materialfor crowns
  • Recommended for teeth withstanding much force (due to biting force)
  • Gives a natural look when covered with porcelain

Types of Treatment

We have a wide range of possible treatments, from simple fillings to crowns and bridges. 

The type of treatment is recommended and chosen according to your needs.

Crowns and Fillings


  • Fills in the decayed tooth due to small-sized cavities.

Partial Crowns

  • Minimally invasive(compared to full crowns) and save as much of your original tooth as possible.
  • Two types of partial crowns – in-lay and on-lay.
  1.  In-lay:done when the inner sides of a tooth must be treated (and is too big for fillings); inside of the tooth filled with porcelain after the cavity removal, leaving a natural finish to your look. 

2. On-lay: done on the cusp of the treated tooth, having it shaped exactly to match your original tooth shape and overall bite.

Full Crowns

  • A material of crown recommended according to  1) position (front or back) of the tooth and 2) bite forces on the tooth.
  • For inner teeth: zirconia (the strongest material) recommended due to possible premature wear when using porcelain.
  • Recommended when a tooth has decayed too much for a partial crown and must be protected before further decay.

All recommendations will be sufficiently explained in detail during your consultation. 

        Microscopic View

Through our microscopic view, we accurately remove the cavity and create fitting crowns.

Crowns and Fillings

Treatment Time, Recovery Time & Precautions

  • Treatment TimeAround 60 minutes
  • Recovery Time : None
  • Precautions : Possible necessary treatments before crowns; Smoking is not recommended

Due to the in-house laboratory of The Oaks, cavity treatments and crowns are made within 60 minutes of your 3D digital scanning, and the whole process will be finished within the day you visit. Normally, it would take days for dental clinics to create impressions, send them to an outside lab, and receive your crowns before your next visit. However, At The Oaks Dental Clinic, we do it on the spot. You will be leaving with beautiful, natural-looking healthy teeth. However, as mentioned in the precautions, your dental health is important; we must carry out necessary treatments before placing a crown.

If your dental state is not in good health, you may have to receive a root canal before placing a crown on your teeth (for more information on root canals, click here). We remove only what is necessary; through using our Dental CAD/CAM, we scan your teeth and pinpoint the areas which must be removed and can be sustained.

Photos and Videos

To watch our process of designing a crown just for you, please watch:

To watch the process of creating a crown at our in-house lab, please watch:

Before and After

Crowns and Fillings