1 Day Dental Veneers – Laser Whitening / Cleaning

1 Day Dental Veneers – Laser Whitening / Cleaning

Treatments: Dental Veneers (Laminates) / Laser Whitening / Cleaning (Scaling)

Treatment Time: 1 Day

Details: Oaks Dental Clinic is rated the top cosmetic dentist in Korea and an expert in veneers. This blog post takes you through a veneer case study from a Korean American Patient. 

This patient flew from Los Angeles, California, USA to the Oaks Dental Clinic in Seoul, Korea. He found out about us through social media and on-line reviews. The patient came because he was shy when smiling due to crooked, damaged and discolored teeth in his visible smile line. He choose Korea and the Oaks Dental Clinic because the technology and techniques are the best in the world and the price is less expensive when compared to other developed countries. The reason for the lower pricing in Korea is because of economies of scale. Korea simply has more people doing this procedures in a smaller space leading for more competitive pricing and higher advancements in technology and skill.  Many patients find this procedure to fit in very well with their medical tourism plan. Our clinic is located right at Gangnam Station making it a center for his tourism plans with great shopping, restaurants and entertainment locations as well as sights to see.

He first sent in an On-line request with his photos and details. We then provided an estimate and he came in for the treatment. He arrived early in the morning and had an X-ray and check-up done with Dr. Chulmin Bae.  A treatment plan was made and once he approved it, the work began. He first had his teeth cleaned, molds made and digital scans taken. We then whitened his teeth and prepared them. His case did not qualify for no-prep veneers (Lumineers) because those kinds of veneers are meant for people with undersized teeth and large gaps. He qualified for prepped veneers which require the removal of some enamel in order to get the proper fit. Without removing the enamel, the teeth would look bulky and not fit correctly. However, veneers require less enamel to be removed then crowns so it is a more conservative treatment and to the patient it makes no difference as the patient will never see the original tooth as it will be covered perfectly with the veneer.

Our in-house dental laboratory created 6 new dental veneers for the visible teeth in his upper smile line and bonded them on after they teeth were prepared. His right side upper front tooth was badly misaligned and so special work was done on that tooth to bring it back to alignment. By 4 p.m. in the afternoon the work was completed which included a one hour lunch time and other waiting times while the veneers where being created. He came in the next day for a check up and with that, his life was changed. With a full warranty, he left stress-free. He sent us an e-mail a couple of months afterwards and thanked us for the work and explained how his whole personality had changed due to the increase in confidence when meeting people and taking photos. He is no longer afraid to smile and show the world who he is.


*Higher technology

* Higher dentist skill

* Better service

* Economies of scale leading to lower pricing

* Clinic location in Gangnam, Seoul is perfect for tourism and shopping

* Faster treatment times

* Native English speaking assistants

* In-house laboratory

* Full warranty

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See a video which explains about no-prep veneers: https://youtu.be/K6SIucE-i6A

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