Teeth Whitening


Oaks Dental Clinic has 3 systems to whitening your teeth: veneers, laser whitening and customized professional home whitening kit. When you see movie stars with perfect, white smiles, they most likely have veneers. Veneers can get your teeth to any shade of white you wish. Famous people which have done this are: Tom Cruise, Hilary Duff, Zac Efron, Nicolas Cafe, Snooki, Victoria Beckham, Ben Affleck, 50 Cent, Demi Moore, Jim Carrey, Catherine Zeta Jones, Morgan Freeman and even more. 

If you want your teeth as white as naturally possible, laser whitening will do that in under 60 minutes. 

If you wish to whiten your teeth slowly at home over 7-10 days or touch up your teeth from time to time then the customized professional home kit is for you. For the natural method, the best way is to combine the laser whitening and the customized professional home whitening kit together.

Possible Treatments