Within a day, you will be able to find your bright smile that fits you perfectly.

 Through dental veneers, you will have a porcelain shell placed on your tooth to create a clean, natural smile matched to your face shape and ratio. 

Walk in to The Oaks Dental Clinic ready to leave with white, beautiful teeth!‍



*Most preferred for its durability and aesthetic qualities

*Lasts an average of 12 yearsand even longer when taken well care of

*Very similar qualities to a tooth, which creates a natural look even in various lightings

We highly recommend getting porcelain veneers, which is the type most patients ultimately choose as well.

Types of Treatment

There are two types of veneers: prep and no-prep

Prep Veneers

*Tooth must be shavedand shapedso the veneer can be placed properly for a natural result (a similar but much more conservative process than when a crown is placed)

*Remove of the leastamount we can to retain your original tooth as much as possible.

No-prep Veneers

*Veneer is placed on the original tooth (without shaving)

*Only recommended tothose who have extra small teethwith much space between each tooth (which is very rare)

*May cause dental issues(bite problems) and aesthetic problems(bulky-looking teeth) if teeth are not extra small


Number of Veneers

The number of veneers relies generally on two factors: 

1.The number of visible teeth in your smile line

2.Your preference

The number of veneers should be balanced between the right and left side of your teeth.

Our recommendation: receiving sets of 4, 6 or 8 veneers per arch (top and bottom teeth counted separately). For a full, bright smile, top and bottom teeth should both be treated with a total of 8, 12 or 16 veneers. However, receiving veneers only on the top front 4, 6 or 8 teeth will work for those who are on a budget.

When not receiving veneers on all your teeth, in order to match the color of veneered and non-veneered teeth, we give you a teeth whitening treatment by laser and create your look that you will be satisfied with. For more information on teeth whitening, click here.

Treatment Time, Recovery Time & Precautions

Treatment Time : Within the day

Recovery Time : None

Precautions : Treatment prior to veneers may be necessary; No hard food for one full week; Smoking is not recommended

The Oaks Dental Clinic has an in-house laboratory, which means that the doctors will instantly start making the veneers as soon as your teeth are prepared and scanned. First, your teeth will be carefully and properly prepared. Then it will be scanned through 3D scanning, which accurately scans your teeth so that we could create veneers that precisely match each tooth. Without the laboratory and required technique and machines, it takes days for the veneer to be created at a distant laboratory and sent back for you (which is the case with the majority of dental clinics). Therefore, at The Oaks, veneers can be done within a day. However, the total treatment time may vary according to your dental health, as mentioned in the precautions. For more information on the in-house laboratory, click here.

If your dental state is not in shape for veneers (for example, requiring gum treatment), then you may have to receive the treatment necessary before receiving veneers. In this case, the whole process will take longer than a day and we recommend lengthening your trip to 1-2 weeks for initial treatment, healing period, and finally veneers.

After leaving the clinic, it is recommended that you do not eat any hard foods such as apples for one full week.

Photos and Videos

 To see the actual process of Smile Design: 

To see the actual process of putting on non-prep veneers:

Before & After