Cosmetic Contouring

At The Oaks, cavities are treated within a day with non-harmful materials in accordance with our Natural Green Dentistry philosophy.

With restorations and crowns that give you the most natural look, you will not have to worry about your appearance and could simply enjoy your newly treated, healthy teeth!

Cosmetic Contouring

Cosmetic contouring is a dental treatment in which the shape of each tooth is treated for aesthetic reasons

Individual teeth or the overall style is treated and shaped to create a professionally beautiful, refined smile line. Only the minimal amount of original tooth is removed and is replaced with ceramic to give you a bright, beautiful smile.



Cosmetic Contouring is Recommended…

  • When you have slightly crooked teeth but do not want to have braces
  • When you are not satisfied with the shape of one or more teeth and are therefore dissatisfied with your overall look
  • When you want a more prominent, clean smile line

Why The Oaks Dental Clinic?

Cosmetic Contouring

We not only focus on designing your teeth, but also care for your overall finished look. 

We use Smile Design, a system that helps us find you the perfect smile fit your face shape and teeth. As shown in the image above, we have golden ratios and personalized designs that bring out the best of you.

We put them to use during the designing of your final look, making sure you get the beautiful smile you deserve. After your treatment, you will be walking out with a satisfying, beautiful smile on the day of your visit.

For more information, check the "1 Day Smile Makeover" page.

Treatment Time, Recovery Time & Precautions

Treatment Time : Approximately 30 minutes/session; 1 session

Recovery Time : None

Precautions : Not recommended for those who need other dental treatments     (such as cavities or root canals); Smoking is not recommended

Cosmetic Contouring

* The Oaks Dental Clinic could also give you a bright smile and healthy teeth through crowns, veneers and clear aligners(Invisalign). For more information, click on “crowns“, “veneers” and “Invisalign”.

Gummy Smile Procedure (Non-1 Day Procedure)

Your smile will tend to seem stuffy if your gums are thick or are covering too much of your teeth. A gummy smile refers to the overexposure of gums when you smile.

In such cases, you will need to go through a procedure in which the gums are thinned or your teeth are more exposed through fixing your gum line.