Why Braces Are Necessary & Expected Results

Why Braces Are Necessary

There are several reasons as to why braces are vital for your dental situation. Check the reasons below to see whether you may need braces.

Why Braces Are Necessary & Expected Results

1. Crooked Teeth

Crowded teeth and teeth with large gaps between them both have negative effects on your dental health. Crowded teeth do not allow you to reach the inner parts when brushing your teeth, while large gaps between teeth result in food being stuck between your teeth more often than usual, causing frequent cavities.

2. Misaligned Bite

A misaligned bite is when your arches (upper and lower teeth) do not align properly. There are two types of misaligned bites. 1) Overbites are when the lower jaw is too far behind the upper jaw, while 2) underbites are cases in which the lower jaw is protruding. Misaligned bites cause improper forces on your teeth and overall bone structure.

3. Narrow Archs

Having a narrow arch indicates misalignment as well. Having a narrow arch means that at least one arch is too narrow, not fitting the size of the other, fully grown arch. This causes difficulty in chewing food and may even cause grinding or clenching of teeth.

In such cases and even more, correction of such problems is beyond highly recommended; neglecting such situations will cause improper and unnecessary stress, pain, and restructuring of your teeth, jaw structure, and face structure. Through correction, you will be able to see the results that are listed below for yourself.

Expected Results After Braces

Orthodontic treatment is not simply aligning crooked teeth. Along with the commonly known effects and adjustment of the jawline, it includes the overall treatment related to the reformation of the jaw area, even after certain plastic surgeries.

1. Restoration of a beautiful face line

Aligning of your teeth and bone structure ultimately result in a change in your face structure for the better; you will be having a more balanced and healthy face structure. With better balance (which we take into great consideration through the designing process), you will give off a more positive and attractive impression.

2. Restoration of dental functions after orthodontic treatment

After correction, you will not have to worry about what food you eat; from hamburgers to pasta, you will be able to eat much more easily through improving your malocclusion and restoring the overall functions of your teeth. Your teeth will also properly sustain your jawline, which is vital not only for your outer features but your future dental structure.

3. Sustaining healthy teeth

Through correctly aligned teeth, you will be able to sustain a healthier dental state, improving the overall dental health. You will be able to brush your teeth more thoroughly, reaching even the inner ends of the places you would not previously reach. Food will also not get stuck between large gaps of your teeth like before, resulting in fewer causes of cavities and infections.

Why Braces Are Necessary & Expected Results

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