Types & Treatment Time

Types & Treatment Time

Treatment Time

This depends on what kind of treatment you choose and your dental situation. 

Minor Treatments : 3-6 months

Average Length of Treatment : 9-18 months

Types of Treatment

Many worry about how braces leave a lasting impression during the long treatment. However, we care about how you look and feel during your treatment as much as you do. Through the number of options we provide, you do not have to worry about your appearance throughout the entire process.

Invisalign and clear aligners all do not affect your appearance throughout your entire treatment.

Types & Treatment Time


  • - Most highly recommended (especially for those who cannot stay for long); the entire package will be given at once
  • - 3D scanning and accurate predictor allows us to create all necessary aligners at once
  • - Clear mouth guard-like aligners must be worn as long as the doctor recommends (usually a few days to weeks per aligner)
  • - Process: 1) Scan teeth, 2) Create computer simulated models to predict the exact time of treatment and changes throughout the entire process, 3) Create new aligners designed for every step of the entire process
  • - Check the Before & Afterpage to see the entire process of design and results.
Types & Treatment Time

Clear Aligners

-  Very similar to Invisalign.

-  Take longer periods of time and require more tooth shaving and regular checkups.

-  Statistical analysis will best predict the entire procedure, but will not be simulated by computer.

We also have three types of labial braces, which are placed on the outside of your teeth.

Types & Treatment Time

Clippy-C Braces

-  Caps on each bracket that are opened every time the dentist removes and places the wire

-  Food does not get stuck on the braces because the wire is tied to each bracket

-  Friction between the bracket and wire is minimized

          → reduces the treatment period by a maximum of 6 months, and also reduces initial pain

Types & Treatment Time

Metal Braces

-  Original metal braces.

-  Brings wanted results.

-  Visible and stands out due to its metallic features against your teeth.

Types & Treatment Time

Partial Braces

-  Done for teeth that do not require full braces, or as the preparation for full braces later on.

-  Includes cases in which only the front teeth require straightening.

-  Children who need full braces often start with partial braces in order to give them time to adjust to the change and prepare their teeth in terms of spacing and bites.