Teeth Night Guard – What You Should Know Before Getting Teeth Night Guard

teeth night guard

Teeth night guards are the best way to prevent damage to the teeth because of too much clenching. A lot of people are suffering from the harmful effects of teeth grinding more than we think. These effects can cause damage to the teeth and even bring about a lack of proper sleep. No one likes to experience pain, especially after and during hours of rest; this is why teeth night guards were made. If you want to maintain those beautiful teeth and wake up to a pain-free morning, then a teeth night guard might work best for you. 

What is Teeth Night Guard?

Teeth Night Guard - What You Should Know Before Getting Teeth Night Guard
teeth night guard

teeth night guard, also called a dental guard, mouth guard, nocturnal bite plates, or bite splints, is a device made of hard acrylic or thermoplastic. It is used to cover the teeth to provide a barrier between the upper and lower teeth, especially if someone has bruxism (grinding of the teeth while sleeping). 

There are three main types of teeth night guards, namely, the disposable dental guards, boil-and-bite dental guards, and customized dental guards. The disposable dental guards are for those with light bruxism and are made of thin plastic that can only last for one to two weeks.

Boil-and-bite dental guards, on the other hand, requires you to boil them before biting into them to make a correct imprint of your teeth. Customized dental guards are the most expensive type and require you to go to a dentist to have it custom made. It is also the longest-lasting type and does not only protect the teeth from grinding but also the jaw. 

Teeth Night Guard - What You Should Know Before Getting Teeth Night Guard

Why must I have Teeth Night Guard?

If you have bruxism and are experiencing headaches, jaw pain, face pain, and fatigue due to lack of sleep from teeth grinding, then you should get a teeth night guard. The dental guard will help in alleviating the effects of teeth grinding.

It serves as a barrier between the teeth while also assisting in lightening the tension in the muscles of the jaw area. When you use teeth night guards, you are protecting your teeth enamel from damage, and you experience no or less jaw and face pain. 

Teeth Night Guard procedure

As there are three different types of night guards, how they are made also varies. For disposable dental guards, they are made generically so that one size fits all. On the other hand, boil-and-bite dental guards require the following steps: 

1. Boil the dental guard or put it in hot water so that the thermoplastic becomes soft enough to imprint your teeth. 

2. Once the dental guard becomes soft, you bite it for the device to follow your teeth’s shape. 

3. Let it cool, and once cooled, you can remove it from your teeth, and it will be ready for use. 

However, if you want a nightguard that not only protects your jaw and teeth but is also a perfect fit, then a customized dental guard is for you. The first part of the procedure is impression taking, which only takes 20-30 minutes and one week for fabrication or creation of the night guard. The following are the steps in making a teeth night guard: 

Teeth Night Guard - What You Should Know Before Getting Teeth Night Guard

A. Impression taking

– Initially, during the first visit to the dentist, they will take an impression of your mouth as well as the upper and lower teeth using a mold. Once they have created the mold, it will be sent to the laboratory for the creation of the teeth night guard. 

B. Fabrication 

– In the laboratory, they will first use the impression mold to shape the acrylic material to form a perfect fit on the patient’s teeth. When they have finished creating the night guard, the same mold is used to check whether it fits perfectly and if the bites match. 

C. Delivery 

– Some custom made night guards are delivered to your home, but for some, you need to go back to your doctor’s clinic to get it. When you visit your doctor, they will have you wear the night guard to see if it fits your teeth comfortably and correctly. The night guard will also come with a case where you can safely put it in whenever you are not using it. 

Teeth Night Guard Before and After

Teeth night guards are a great help for people who have suffered long enough from teeth grinding, especially while sleeping. With the help of a teeth night guard, individuals suffer less from the effects of bruxism. Pain in the jaw, as well as headaches, are alleviated, and most importantly, the teeth’s enamel is protected from being damaged in the long run. 

In conclusion, dental night guards are helpful devices in lessening the effects of bruxism in individuals with such conditions. They are made of acrylic or thermoplastic that can serve as protection for the teeth and jaw when teeth grinding happens. With its three types, the best choice is the custom made dental guards. They offer longevity and capability to protect the teeth as well as the jaw. It may cost more and take longer to make than the two other types but is worth it, especially for those with severe bruxism. 

It is a must to have a dental night guard made if you have been suffering from bruxism for a long time since it will prevent more damage to your teeth and jaw. For the best custom made dental guards in Korea, you can contact Oaks Dental Clinic or Seoul Guide Medical. We will guide you in getting your night guards from consultation all the way to a successful delivery. 


For whom is Teeth Night Guard most recommended?

A teeth night guard is most recommended for someone who suffers from bruxism or teeth grinding, especially while they are sleeping. Other reasons as to why your doctor will recommend you to have a teeth night guard are the following: 
· Those who want relief from TMJ jaw syndrome 
· Those who suffer from headaches due to teeth clenching 
· Those who have damaged teeth because of severe teeth grinding 

Can a night guard shift your teeth?

A night guard can shift your teeth, most especially if it was not custom-made to make a perfect fit in your mouth. If you use an over the counter night guard or ones that only cover the front teeth, more than likely, your back teeth will shift due to the pressure that your jaw exerts on them. This is why having a custom made night guard is better because it protects not only the teeth but also the jaw, thus lesser possibility of teeth shifting. 

Should you wear a nightguard every night?

Yes, you should wear a night guard every night, especially if you experience severe bruxism. Not wearing your teeth night guard every night will still result in damaged teeth only at a much slower pace. You may also experience the side effects of bruxism if you are not diligent in wearing your teeth night guards, especially when going to bed. Your doctor will also advise you as to how often you should wear your teeth night guard, and you should strictly follow their instruction. 

How long should a night guard last? 

A teeth night guard usually lasts for about two to five years. Some well-made guards can even last up to 10 years. However, the longevity of your night guard entirely depends on how severe your teeth grinding is. The more it is exposed to the stresses of teeth grinding, the more it thins out, and the higher the possibility for it to break. 

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