Pricing & Tips for Foreign Patients


Pricing & Tips for Foreign Patients
  • In Korea, the price of Invisalign is not as expensive as people normally assume, compared to the metal braces. 
  • Metal braces also require a monthly visit fee, which is not necessarily included in several other treatment methods including Invisalign.

For Patients Who Cannot Stay For Long

The Oaks provides a full report in English for patients who cannot stay in Korea for the whole treatment. You only have to hand the report to your next dentist, and it will inform your next dentist on all that is necessary.

Also, Invisalign is strongly recommended for patients who are not staying in Korea for a long time.

1.The price is not as expensive as assumed (especially compared to metal braces).

2.The entire package and instructions can be given at once; you will be able to take the whole package of Invisalign back to your home country without requiring check-ups (which are quite impossible for foreign patients).

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