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Government Licensed Dental Clinic

....Oaks Dental Clinic is an incorporated legal entity under the South Korea based in Seoul. This clinic is wholly owned by Dr. Chulmin Bae as prescribed by Korean law. All stocks are held privately under Korean law. The corporation is fully insured and is authorized to take part in business activities covering all aspects of medical and cosmetic dentistry.

Medical Treatment for International Patients

Oaks Dental Clinic  has an international department dedicated to helping international customers and offers services in English, Spanish, Chinese, Turkish, Russian and Vietnamese. 

Payment Policy

Payment for all procedures must be done before treatment starts. Sometimes partial payments can be made if agreed to by Oaks Dental Clinic but this is not the normal case. Oaks Dental Clinic  accepts: cash, bank transfer and credit card payments. If you are visiting us from outside Korea, please ensure your credit card company knows you will use it in Korea and have the appropriate limit set to cover your procedure fees. Our pricing is very reasonable. When looking for a dental clinic pricing make sure you are comparing apples to apples. We stay away from cheap materials which will cause problems in a short time frame such as porcelain fused to metal crowns (PFM Crowns) or dangerous materials such as metal amalgam (which contain mercury).

Refund Policy

If you do not undergo the treatment but have already paid, a refund will be provided at a rate of 90%. If you have undergone treatment or have started treatment, the fee paid is considered non-refundable. This refund policy complies with Korean law and should a dispute occur based on this policy the matter will be resolved by the Seoul District Court of Justice as provided by Korean law.