Gum Bleaching

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Gum Whitening

Gum Bleaching is necessary when the surface of your gum is rough or too much melanin make portions of your gum seem dark. 

If your gums are dark and dull, no matter how white and even your teeth are, it is hard to show off a clean look. Gum Bleaching finds you your beautiful smile through creating healthy, pink gums.

At The Oaks, we use Water Laser (a special laser with removes a thin, top layer of the gum skin) or Bur treatment (similar to scaling; using an abrasive drill to remove a layer of the gum and dark coloration).

 This allows the whole process to be done through simple surface anesthesia or no anesthesia at all (depending on your case). You will be able to return to your daily activities without any bleeding or swelling.

Gum Bleaching(Whitening) is Necessary…

When you have melanin in your gums by nature

When Vitamin C in your body (which suppresses melanogenesisor melanin pigmentation) has been damaged, resulting in discoloration

When plaque or gum infections lead to gum discoloration

Duration of Results

The results are semi-permanent; they last for over ten to twenty years, and even last for a lifetime when taken well care of.

Gum Bleaching

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Gum Bleaching
Gum Bleaching