The Best Dental Treatment in the World

Oaks Dental Clinic is among the best and most advanced dental clinics in the world.  The founder and head dentist, Dr. Chulmin Bae invested in higher technologies and training early on and now the clinic is a world leader in dentistry.


We offer all kinds of braces  and the kind you require depends on many factors so you will need an in-clinic consultation which is free of charge for international patients. If you qualify for faster treatment times, our advanced systems allow for braces to be done in 3-6 months. For very complicated cases it normally takes between 9-18 months. Oaks Dental Clinic provides braces treatment for children, youths and adults and the process and results are first class. For those of you who are planning on leaving Korea before you complete the treatment, we prepare a full report in English for the next dentist who will take over your adjustments in the future at no extra cost.

Possible Treatments

Clear Aligners (Invisalign)

Lingual Braces (Behind the Teeth Invisible Braces/2D Braces)

Clippy-C Braces (Self-ligating System)

Ceramic Braces (Discreet Looking Braces)

Partial Braces


At our clinic, we can fix most cavities in under 60 minutes using our in-clinic laboratory. Your restoration can be created by our technicians and our dentists will repair and restore your cavities on the spot. Some cavity treatments can’t be completed in one day but we still have faster turnaround times than other clinics in the world. If you require super strength materials like Zirconia, it will take 5-7 days to create this kind of restoration. If you require a root canal, we may be able to do it in one visit but many cases require 2-3 visits to complete it before we place the crown.

Possible Treatments

Resin Filling (small cavities)

In-lay (Partial Crown)

On-lay (Partial Crown)

75% Crown

Full Crown

Root Canal Treatment (Endodontic Treatment)


A missing tooth causes bone loss over time as well as appearing aesthetically unpleasing. We are an implant specialist who uses a dental surgical microscope to perform perfect implants each time. You will need 2 to 3 visits to our clinic over 2-3 months depending on your case. The steps are as follow: Possible Bone Graft (not all cases need this), placement of metal post and abutement at the same time, temporary crown placement, removal of temporary crown and placement of permanent crown. Why don’t we offer 1 Day Implants? The failure rate of these kinds of implants is unacceptably high. If you want implants that will last, our method is the best way forward.

Possible Treatments

Korean Made Implants

International Made Implants



Temporary Crown

Full Crown

Replacement Implant

Extraction and Implant

Partial Bone Graft

Full Area Bone Graft

Teeth Whitening

Oaks Dental Clinic has 3 systems to whitening your teeth: veneers, laser whitening and customized professional home whitening kit. When you see movie stars with perfect, white smiles, they most likely have veneers. Veneers can get your teeth to any shade of white you wish. Famous people which have done this are: Tom Cruise, Hilary Duff, Zac Efron, Nicolas Cafe, Snooki, Victoria Beckham, Ben Affleck, 50 Cent, Demi Moore, Jim Carrey, Catherine Zeta Jones, Morgan Freeman and list goes on and on. If you want your teeth  as white as naturally possible then laser whitening will do that in under 60 minutes. If you wish to whitening your teeth slowly at home over 7-10 days or touch up your teeth from time to time then the customized professional home kit is for you. For the natural method, the best way is to combine the laser whitening and the customized professional home whitening kit together.

Possible Treatments

Laser Home Whitening

Customized Professional Home Whitening Kit



dental veneers seoul korea oaks dental clinic one day cheap low price best


The Oaks Dental Clinic is a worldwide leader in providing 1 Day Smile Makeovers. Using advanced technologies such as a dental surgical microscope and an in-house lab, we can improve the entire look of your smile in just one visit. Many international patients have just a few days in Seoul and can’t come back for follow up treatments. For these patients we provide this speed service with guaranteed results. Dr. Chulmin Bae will examine you after taking an advanced X-ray or CT scan. We will then create a treatment plan and use dental impressions and 3D scanning to create your new smile.

Possible Treatments

Veneer (Dental Laminate)


Half Crown

Root Canal

Cleaning (Scaling)

Whitening (Laser Method)

Gummy Smile Surgery

Smile Botox

Crown Lengthening


Oaks Dental Clinic can perform dental procedures which most other dentists cannot. Our X-ray systems are super advanced which means we can diagnose exact conditions. Dr. Chulmin uses a dental surgical microscope to see deep into the affected areas and fix problems which other dentists can’t see with the naked eye. Why don’t all dentist have dental surgical microscopes then? First, they are very expensive and most doctors don’t want to invest the resources needed to get one. Second, it takes years of training to master. There are over 16,000 dental clinics in Korea and only 133 dental surgical microscopes and most of those microscopes are at teaching hospitals. We are one of the rare clinics anywhere with this equipment and training. Our surgeries are as exact as you can get in the world.

Possible Treatments









Tooth Extraction

Periodontic Surgery

Cosmetic Dental Surgery


Dental Bridges are a special type of restoration which we can do in as little as one visit. This treatment involves crowning the adjoining teeth next to the missing tooth slot and connecting a crown to them without and implant post. This means that you don’t have to go through the longer process of getting an implant. This is best for patients who don’t want an implant, have adjoining teeth which have cavities or had cavities and for patients who need fast results.

Possible Treatments

3 Crown Bridge

4 Crown Bridge

5 Crown Bridge


Partial Dentures