Oaks Dental Clinic is the top dental clinic in Asia and is located right at Gangnam Station in Seoul, South Korea.  We are experts in taking care of international patients as they make up 50% of our patient base and we deal with thousands of international patients per year. We have native English speaking staff from Canada and the United States as well as Chinese speaking staff from Taiwan and China. Other languages spoken at our clinic are: Spanish, Russian, Turkish and Arabic. If you want the best and most honest dental clinic then the Oaks is for you.


Step 1: Send us a Facebook message, e-mail or call us directly at 82-10-3641-1465 for your initial consultation.

Step 2: Make an appointment and come into the clinic for your in-clinic consultation with our dentist or orthodontist. The consultation is free of charge for international patients.

Step 3: If you choose to undergo treatment, we have the fastest turnaround times in Korea (as well as for the whole world). We have an in-house laboratory where we design and create our restorations, the most advanced CT and X-rays as well as a dental surgical microscope. We can do things most dentist can’t and get it done in as little as one visit.


To ensure that your process with us is worry-free, we provide a 1 year warranty on our work. If anything happens, just come back to us and we will fix anything in regards to the work done free of charge. We rarely have this kinds of cases but we offer this guarantee free of charge so you can have peace of mind and know that you are getting the best quality dental treatment in the world.


Our doctors and head staff are here to make your experience at the Oaks Dental Clinic as stress-free as possible. Let us bring the smile back to your life.

oask dr bae

Dr. Bae

Founder & Head Dentist

Dr. Chulmin Bae graduated #1 from the top university in Korea, Seoul National University. He has advanced degrees from Finland and Germany is one of the top dentists using dental surgical microscopes in the world. He also teaches dentist from all over the world in training meetings and seminars he holds in Korea and Japan. He speaks fluent English and has the highest level training in dentistry in the world.

oaks 1

Dr. Hwa

Head Orthodontist

Dr. Ji Young Hwa graduated from both Korea University and Seoul National University at the top of his classes. He specializes in orthodontic treatment including lingual braces and clear aligners (Invisalign). He is also a member of the American Association of Orthodontics and has been voted the top orthodontist in Korea for 2016.


Dr. Ryu


Dr. Ryu Myeong Hee is a general dentist practitioner at Oaks Dental Clinic and works along side Dr. Bae and and Dr. Hwa. She is a very highly qualified dentist and deals with both domestic and international patients on a day to day basis. Dr. Ryu is an implant specialist as well as having advanced training in dental surgery and cosmetic surgery.


Tony Medina


Tony Medina has run the international department at the Oaks Dental Clinic since 2010. We are proud to have a permanent partnership with Tony and his team at http://seoulguidemedical.com. Our international department takes care of thousands of patients a year and ensures there is nothing lost in translation and you get everything you need. You will often see Tony in the clinic or one of the international coordinators so don’t be shy and say hello!


Karen Han

English Coordinator

You will find Han Bo Won (Karen) as part of our front desk staff. She will most likely greet you when you come in and take care of the registration process. She speaks English fluently and may also translate for you when needed. She is a dental front desk staff specialist having been in this field for years and is always happy, helpful and professional.


Lee Young Jin

Laboratory Staff

Lee Young Jin is part of the team which will scan your teeth into the 3D imaging system. This image is then sent into your laboratory where he designs the restoration. This digital file is then sent to our milling machines which create the restoration on-site. Once the restoration is done, he finishes the work by hand to ensure the fit is exact. Restorations are just some of the things our lab technicians create. We have many other products which we can create and often in just a single visit.


Jang Jun Hyoung

Laboratory Staff

Jang Jun Hyoung is a member of our laboratory department which creates restorations and other dental products for you on-site. One example of this is our Professional Home Whitening Kit. A quick dry mold is taken and taken into our laboratory. He then places the mold under a machine which will quick melt a special plastic onto it, creating the basic shape of your teeth for the mouth guard. He then finishes the work by hand and you now have a customized mold to place the whitening gel into to get a brighter smile all in under 60 minutes.



Chinese Coordinator

Yang is from mainland China and speaks fluent Chinese, English and Korean. She is one of the main coordinators for the international department and really cares about each and every patient. She is dedicated to getting you the best dental treatment and explaining everything so you can have a worry-free experience. She is also part of the our team in answering e-mail and Facebook messages.