Restorations and Replacements


It is hard to go through daily activities when you do not have healthy teeth. For many reasons, your teeth may lose its strength and position. This requires a restoration (when we are able to work with your natural tooth to bring it back alive!) or replacements (in which we create a tooth to look even more natural than your own!). It may not be an easy process, but with the highly advanced technology at The Oaks and Doctor Bae's skill and experience

we have options for you to get through the whole process with the best material and results within the shortest amount of time possible

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If you do not get proper after-care after an extraction...

  • The surrounding teeth fill in the empty space, misaligning your teeth overall
  • Your front teeth protrude forward
  • Your face shape surrounding the empty space shifts accordingly as well, changing your outer appearance
  • It causes pain in your jaw joints due to malocclusion (misalignment of teeth)
  • Osteoclasis takes place; the tissue of the bone surrounding the missing tooth is broken down
  • It becomes more difficult to chew on food
  • Plaque builds up more easily
  • Cavities and gum diseases occur more often


Make sure you get proper post-extraction treatments to prevent any further damaging of your teeth, jaw structure, and overall facial features.

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Possible Treatments

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