Extractions and Surgical Procedures


Oaks Dental Clinic can perform dental procedures that most other dentists cannot. Our X-ray systems are highly advanced which means we can diagnose exact conditions. Dr. Chulmin uses a dental surgical microscope to see deep into the affected areas and fix problems which other dentists can’t see with the naked eye. 

Our surgeries are as exact as you can get in the world. 

There are various types of surgical procedures you can receive at The Oaks. From periodontal surgeries to cosmetic dental surgeries, we offer all services of the best quality with the most highly advanced instruments just for you.

Why don’t all dentist have dental surgical microscopes?

First, they are very expensive and most doctors don’t want to invest the resources needed to get one.

Second, it takes years of training to master. There are over 16,000 dental clinics in Korea and only 133 dental surgical microscopes, of which most are at teaching hospitals. We are one of the rare clinics possessing both the advanced equipment and expert training.

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