1 Day Smile Makeover


The Oaks Dental Clinic is a worldwide leader in providing 1 Day Smile Makeovers. Using advanced technologies such as a dental surgical microscope and an in-house lab, 

we can improve the entire look of your smile in just one visit. 

Many international patients have just a few days in Seoul and can’t come back for follow up treatments. For these patients, we provide this speed service with guaranteed results. Dr. Chulmin Bae will examine you after taking an advanced X-ray or CT scan. We will then create a treatment plan and use dental impressions and 3D scanning to create your new smile.

Smile Design of The Oaks Dental Clinic 

finds you your attractive smile through natural balance.

For a beautiful smile, it is crucial to find the balance between the center of the face and teeth. 

The key is the distance between your eyes and the position of the nose. Smile Design finds the golden ratio to match the ratio of your features.

The Oaks, with experience and precise scientific methods, brings you the best results.

1. We seek ideal beauty.
  • We apply the golden ratio of all of nature's beauties and match it to balance your face and teeth, finding your most beautiful smile.

2. We have detail and precision.

  • Through the passion and advanced technology of The Oaks, we are able to create beautiful forms.
3. We prioritize natural looks and stability.
  • The Dental CAD/CAM allows us to control even up to 0.02mm, having you go through the process without a sense of irritation.

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