Our doctors and head staff are here to make your experience at the Oaks Dental Clinic as stress-free as possible. Let us bring the smile back to your life.
Dr. Chul Min Bae, Founder Head Doctorand

5 Specialties of The Oaks

1. We find you your beautiful and happy smile.

Through smile design, we bring out your confidence and natural beauty.

2. We protect your natural teeth through periodontal regeneration.

We carry out a periodontal regeneration program that chooses to protect your natural teeth from getting over-extracted.

3. We use ceramics that are not harmful to your body.

We use ceramic prosthetics, the material most similar to your teeth.

4. We make the best prosthetics through a precision instrument and skilled human hands.

Our digital laboratory contains the latest Dental CAD/CAM.

5. We are a friendly clinic that foreigners come and find first.

Because a bright smile is one of life’s main happiness, we seek beautiful and happy smiles. We possess more than 12 aesthetic charts and use them to find and create the best smile fit for each patient.

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